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Contract Work

Our team includes experienced PHP Developers, graphic designers, Mobile App Developers, HTML Coders

Having started as a freelancer, I slowly established myself with a team, and formed a company. I have clients from all over India, although I have my set up only in I Chennai. I have always believed in establishing good relationship with my clients. Henceforth, I see that my clients want to get projects done by me, although I’ am not located in their city, and I can meet them only once in a week or fortnight.

Further, when I was going through several articles, as to why companies prefer contract employees, I came across that, when the economy is not doing very good, and if the companies are not in a position to new and permanent employees, then, contract to hire is the best option for them.

This motivated me to start a new service altogether. I supply skilled and talented workers, on contract basis to my clients. These contract workers will be the employees of Piccosoft Software Services. However, they will become full-time dedicated resources to my clients, and work at client’s location. These workers will work for the client only during the contract period.

Benefits of hiring contract workers

  • Have a full-time dedicated resource to work at your office without getting committed, as it happens while hiring permanent workers.
  • A faster option than new and permanent hiring process.
  • Less stressful than permanent hiring. The company which supplies contract workers to you will take care of the entire process. They will see that you get the best resources for your project

Why should you hire a contract worker in place of a freelancer?

Freelancers work on multiple projects during a given period. They may not be full-time dedicated resource for your project. Thus, they will not be in a position to work from your office. Contract workers not only are full-time dedicated resource, but also work from your office, and will be available at your disposal during the working hours.

Next Step

If you are looking for highly committed, dedicated self-starters for your project, then,you may download the document through the following link, and go through the applicable terms and conditions, and then get in touch with me through email at, or mobile at +91 9840322505.