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Web Development

I’ am a PHP and Mobile app freelancer, based in Chennai, India. I can help you build an online presence for you. You may either be a start-up or a big enterprise. You may either be a wholesaler, or a retailer or a popular brand. I have provided PHP based website design and development solutions for every size and every type of business. I possess expertise in providing B2B and B2C web development services across various industry.

You may be looking for an open source custom software solution, or you may be looking for the services of your own development of web application from the scratch, or you may simply want to get an open source software solution, already available in the market, customized to your need. Whatever your need be. I’ am here to help.

Do you have an existing website for which the features have to change? Do you have a web portal for which web support services and maintenance is needed? Do you have a web portal for which needs a Mobile App? I have a service to offer for any and every requirement you have.

You have an awesome idea. You do not know how to go about it. Simply let me know what it is. I have a full-fledged service package for you starting from design and development, till technical support and maintenance.

You might be looking for something which does not cost you much. I provide services suiting your budget. Although I have our presence in Chennai, we have clients in Bangalore, Pune, and other major cities in India.

All you have to do is to just let me know what you need. I will come up with an awesome solution for it. Are you not sure about your need? Then just let me know your idea. I will come up with the best solution. Just get in touch with me for whatever it is!