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Payment Gateway Integrations

Customers are the key; and winning the trust of your customers is of utmost importance for your business.

You want to drive traffic to your ecommerce website. You want to turn your ecommerce website visitors into your customers.You want them to purchase the products you have displayed on your ecommerce website.

Then, you have to provide a secure payment gateway option for your customers.

The most integral part of any ecommerce website development process is payment gateway integration. As a core PHP freelancer, I’ am well-versed in developing ecommerce websites using PHP. The main objective of my freelance work is to win the trust of my clients who wish to have a high quality ecommerce platform built within a low cost budget. I provide end to end solutions to offer the services of developing shopping cart websites.  I have used Magento development, Opencart development and other open source PHP based online ecommerce software to build ecommerce websites with an attractive look and feel backed by a cutting edge technology.

I have used various payment gateway integrations such as CC Avenue and Citrus Integration to provide my clients with a secured payment gateway option for their ecommerce websites. Ecommerce platforms have been one of the core areas of my PHP freelance work. I believe that giving a secure payment gateway option is the most vital part of development of ecommerce websites. For years now, I have been providing the service of payment gateway integration for online shopping cart websites or ecommerce platforms in India. I have successfully developed ecommerce websites for clients across Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and other major cities across India by providing a secure payment gateway. Apart from shopping cart websites, other ecommerce websites I have developed include online hotel booking, online event booking, and online ticket booking also.

The payment gateway integration I use are generally those which are authenticated by all the major banks in India. They accept and authenticate online payments via credit card, debit card, net banking, and ATM-cum-Debit Card, Mobile Payment and Cash Card modes from the end customers, on a real time basis.

My high quality work, unique approach, and on time delivery to clients has brought me to my current level of being the proud owner of Piccosoft Software Services, an open source PHP development company. I have a dedicated team for building ecommerce platforms. My ecommerce development team members are well-versed in building shopping cart websites and payment gateway integrations. They are experts in Magento development and Opencart development.

The ecommerce websites developed by our state of the art development facility at Piccosoft Software Services is similar to most of the popular ecommerce websites across the globe.

Please do not think I have said it all. Should you require further details, please feel free to get in touch with me directly.