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Mobile App Design

The recent trend is, to have a Mobile App for business. Starting from e commerce, restaurants, banks, newspapers and magazines, online job portals; every business owner is aiming at providing mobile experience to their customers.  This is because of the launch of iPhone and the App store in 2008. Today we see that, almost every business, who either already have a web application, or who do not have one, is surely getting a Mobile App built for their business..  With this trend, we are seeing an increasing importance being given to Mobile App design, for creating a good user experience.


What does giving a good experience for a mobile user mean?


The designing for a Mobile App is more challenging because, the user has to get the whole lot of information available on the web application, on mobile devices, without the need for scroll. This means, the pages on the web application should perfectly fit the layout of Mobile devices.


Before an app is developed from the scratch, it is necessary to analyze which element has to be placed in which part of the screen. A good Mobile App allows the user to switch from one panel to another, without any pauses.


We should also note that 80 percent of users, use only 20 percent of the App functionalities and features. So, it is very important that you bring in the core functionalities and features, which are highly likely of grabbing attention from users.


What can I offer?


Being a freelance Mobile App developer, I give utmost importance to Mobile App design. I believe that, the end objective of Mobile App development is served, only when the Mobile App has the best design giving an awesome user experience.


I also have a dedicated design team, who do not leave out on any aspect, which may even be of slightest importance for coming up with the best App design. My team and I, follow the best approach, where in we start with the development process only after our clients approve the UX wireframes.


I render my services on freelance basis. For more information my design approach, kindly get contact me. I will certainly provide you with the best design solution, for your App to rock in the Mobile market.