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Native Mobile Development

The latest trend in internet technology is to have what’s on the web, right on our mobile device. The world is becoming more and more social and interactive these days. People prefer to stay connected with each at any given time.

Our focus has changed from interacting on an online platform on the web to having an app on the mobile device. Thus, mobile apps have become more of a necessity than an option. One of my core areas of PHP freelance work is Native mobile applications development. Native mobile apps are specific to a mobile OS, say Android or iOS. This is because of the development tools and language that the respective mobile OS supports. E.g. Objective C with iOS and Java with Android. Native apps are considered best in terms of the look it gives to the screen and the features it provides for the users.

There are certain features which are found only in Native mobile applications. They include multi touch such as double tap and pinch-spread, fast graphic APIs, fluid animation which is important in gaming and play store, and inbuilt components such as camera, address book, and geolocation.

In terms of ease of use and overall best mobile experience, native apps are considered best. With over eight years of experience as a PHP freelancer, I have developed a proficiency in Native mobile application development, Objective C, and Java.  I have offered Native app development on freelance basis for various business applications. I have ample of clients across Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and other major cities across India. I also have a dedicated Mobile app team who are trained in all the modules of Native application development.  I assure you with a very low cost and high quality Native apps.  My state of the art development facility can offer you the best resources who can provide you with the best quality Native mobile applications using Objective C and Java. The native mobile apps we develop not only have a rich look, but can also have varied functionalities. With my high level competency and co-operation from my dedicated team members, I have become successful in starting my own company called Piccosoft Software Services, an open source PHP development company, with its physical presence in Chennai.

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