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Human Resource

Human Resource is one of the critical functions of a business organization. For an efficient Human Resource Management, IT solutions have become imperative these days.

As a core PHP freelance developer, I have developed several web applications for Human Resource Management (HRM) in an organization. They include recruitment, team communication and many more. With the PHP based open source software solutions, it has indeed very easy to build web applications for HR tools.

In order to give a glimpse of what I can do, I will take the pleasure of explaining an HR web application I developed for recruitment process. The web application keeps track of entire recruitment process of the organization, right from shortlisting of resumes, interview process, till selection process. It keeps track of how many rounds of interview was cleared by a candidate, at which level of selection process a candidate lies, whether the candidate got selected or rejected ultimately. It can also generate reports for the same and the lower management level employees in recruitment department can send the report to the higher management level people in the same department. The higher management level people can access the reports in the system themselves through the access provided to them.

As a core freelance PHP developer, I have developed highly competent web applications using PHP solutions, for HR tools. I have used open source PHP based software for HR processes which allows me to customize the system according to the requirements of my client. These solutions have successfully provided a platform to the entire HR department in an organization for ease of their day to day HR related activities.

Your requirement may be any. Either to customize a third party software for a full-fledged running web application, or  open source custom software, or to develop your own web application, I’ am ready to assist you for offering a common platform for different management levels in the hierarchy of HR department. Do get in touch with me for a free consultation. I can provide consultation for opting for the best solution based on your budget.  I provide high quality service within a low cost budget.

I realize that technology is becoming ubiquitous these days. Every web application needs to be translated to a mobile application. Apart from web application and CMS based websites, mobile apps have also been one of my core expertise.

My high commitment, my ability to understand my client’s business needs, my dedication and sincerity towards what I do, has helped me climb the ladder of my success. From a PHP freelancer, I’ am now a proud founder of Piccosoft Software Services, a pioneer in open source PHP development service provider in Chennai. Although Piccosoft’s physical presence is in Chennai, it has reached some of the top clients across Bangalore, Pune, and other major cities in India.

I have a dedicated team who are ever enthusiastic about learning new technologies. They show their ability to develop even the most complex structures in PHP web application development and mobile applications. We offer these services across various industry including Human Resource.

Have questions? Contact me directly. I’ am ready to assist you.