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ionic framework development

Use Ionic Framework for building Hybrid Mobile Apps, for web technologies you love.

Ionic Framework is an open source framework for developing web application as well as hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.

Ionic Framework is not just a code. It is an ecosystem. Wondering how?

  • HTML5 that acts like native.
  • Web wrapped in native layer.
  • Direct access to native APIs.
  • Familiar web dev environment.
  • Industry on your side.
  • Better native-to-web Bridge.
  • Native-style UI components and interactions.
  • UI APIs, not just jQuery widgets.

Ionic Framework offers an open source front end SDK for building Hybrid Mobile Apps with web technologies you already know and adore. It is built with Sass and optimized with AngularJS.

I’ am one of most sought after Ionic Framework Development Freelancer. If you are looking for a Hybrid Mobile Application in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, or any other city in India, then get in touch with me.