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Media and Entertainment Industry has seen tremendous transformation since the net boom

Business Intelligence, web applications, and mobile apps have had substantial impact on retail business. However, in media and entertainment business, these technology trends are amplified with the creation of micro industries. E.g. streaming music, video and e-publishing.

Further, from on-demand media to digital distribution, media & entertainment leaders opt for web application developers to assist them work higher and work otherwise. The dynamic market conditions demand media and entertainment conglomerates to adopt strategic mobile initiatives. Whether or not it’s digital plus management, content management, or anti-piracy challenges, I try to re-define the manner for media firms at international standards. With today’s businesses seizing quality solutions, software solutions guarantee realization of consumer’s demand for fast access to media from a range of devices.

As a core PHP freelance developer, I have created numerous business connected tools like music, video, news broadcasting, live streaming multimedia system apps wherever individuals will watch and transfer latest songs likewise as inherent music players. Technology provides effective and reliable knowledge sharing solutions to access period of time media and diversion files. With the PHP based open source software solutions, it has indeed very easy to build web applications and mobile apps for media and entertain portals.

I have used open source PHP based software for media & entertainment industry which allows me to customize the system according to the requirements of my client. Your requirement may be any. Either to customize a third party software for a full-fledged running web application, or  open source custom software, or to develop your own web application, I’ am ready to assist you.

Do get in touch with me for a free consultation. I can provide consultation for opting for the best solution based on your budget.  I provide high quality service within a low cost budget.

I realize that technology is becoming ubiquitous these days. Every web application needs to be translated to a mobile application. Apart from web application and CMS based websites, mobile apps have also been one of my core expertise.

My high commitment, my ability to understand my client’s business needs, my dedication and sincerity towards what I do, has helped me climb the ladder of my success. From a PHP freelancer, I’ am now a proud founder of Piccosoft Software Services, a pioneer in open source PHP development service provider in Chennai. Although Piccosoft’s physical presence is in Chennai, it has reached some of the top clients across Bangalore, Pune, and other major cities in India.

I have a dedicated team who are ever enthusiastic about learning new technologies. They show their ability to develop even the most complex structures in PHP web application development and mobile applications. We offer these services across various industry including Media & Entertainment.

Have questions? Contact me directly. I’ am ready to assist you.