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Cordova Development

Cordova is a platform to build native mobile applications using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. In other words, it is a container for running a web application written in HTML CSS, and JavaScript.

Advantages of Cordova Platform

Typically web applications cannot use the native device functionalities such as camera, GPS, accelerometer, contacts, etc. With Cordova it can be achieved for packaging the web application in the devices installer format.

How is it Cordova different from Phone Gap?

Typically both are the same. However, it would be more sensible to tell that Cordova is an engine that powers Phone Gap. Technically the UI of a Cordova application offers a web view that occupies the complete screen and runs in the Native Container, thus offering the same web view that is used by the native operating systems. This purely means that only native containers change according to the OS and internally the web pages remain the same.

How does Cordova power Phone Gap?

A New feature called ‘The Phone Gap Developer App’  has been added recently by Cordova, which saves a lot of time in compiling and packaging the application for testing the changes during development .

By downloading the native containers as applications for the required OS from Phone Gap, and developing App, and opening the developed project and starting in a local server, and specifying the IP address of the desktop server in the downloaded application, the web pages can gain the power of the native device API s that are not supported by browsers .

This gives an immense power and eases the development with cordova by incorporating the changes instantaneously.

Being a Freelance hybrid mobile app developer, I realized the significance of use of Cordova plugins, with Ionic framework, to bring the native mobile app features in to the hybrid one.

I specialize in mobile Apps for both Android and iOS using Cordova plugin. Thus, in the hybrid mobile apps I develop, I always make sure that all the native mobile app functionalities get incorporated seamlessly.

I’ am a hybrid mobile app development freelancer, specializing in Cordova plugins and Ionic plugins, who can develop a Mobile App that can stand out in the mobile market.